Letters to the editor

I have always had much respect for our farmers. They take the gamble of beating low prices and bad weather to endure. They are extremely hardworking and independent. There have been proud generational farmers among my family and relatives.

What I don't understand, though, is how they continue to support Mr Trump. With tariffs, he has stabbed them in the back. He is turning them into welfare recipients who are needing and receiving government aid to survive. Even with these handouts, farm bankruptcies and foreclosures are at an all-time high. The tariffs are drying up markets by forcing former buyers to look elsewhere. These markets may never return.

His promises of helping rural communities keep their hospitals and clinics and combating the opioid crisis have not been kept. Expanding high speed internet has also not been accomplished. Many rural bridges are dangerous to cross and roads too poor to use. All of these things were promised rural citizens by passing an infrastructure bill. Once again, nothing has happened. Again and again, those promises to farmers and rural communities have not been kept.

I'm not saying a Democrat would be any better, but why not give them the same consideration as you gave Mr. Trump. Maybe, just maybe, their promises might be kept.

Michael Kober, Bloomington

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