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I wholeheartedly endorse Elizabeth (Liz) Johnston for McLean County Board District 5. As a person she is thoughtful, dedicated and dependable. As a candidate, she has prepared herself for office through months of research, learning, meeting with county departments and attending many county committee and regular board meetings. As a board member, I see her there. She is already connecting constituents to government by providing detailed information about meetings and issues.

Liz knows our community, understands the struggles of everyday people and is prepared to lead McLean County into the future. She knows our challenges. She proposes realistic, detailed, innovative and well thought out positions and plans of action to improve people’s lives, the local economy and the county’s financial position. Liz brings problem solving and a vision to the McLean County Board and that is why she has my unqualified support.

Laurie Wollrab, Normal


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