No person with diabetes should have to ration life-saving insulin. No person who gets into a serious accident should have to decide if they can afford to call an ambulance or go to the ER.

Take a look at GoFundMe and you’ll find pages and pages of local people in Bloomington-Normal trying to raise money to pay for needed medical care. GoFundMe is not a good way for us or for our family, friends, and neighbors to finance the healthcare we need.

We can do better. We should extend the existing Medicare program for seniors to everyone else. Extending Medicare to all U.S. residents would not be more expensive than our current system. We or our employers currently pay thousands of dollars per year for medical care and health insurance. In fact, Medicare for All would be cheaper because it eliminates bureaucratic costs and removes the profit motive from healthcare.

It is a crime that in this country there are people who can’t get the critical medications or care that they need. We all deserve better. I urge Bloomington-Normal residents to contact your senators and representatives and ask them to support the Medicare for All Act of 2019.

Rachel Shively, Bloomington

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