Letters to the editor

Do you know anyone who has rotten teeth or poor vision or can't hear a normal conversation, but cannot afford the needed medical treatment? There are many reasons why I support Medicare for All, but I will focus on just one. I have Medicare and am able to pay for vision and dental care, and my hearing is fine, but I pay for these things on my own. Many people cannot afford such services and are forced to go without or face bankruptcy.

Medicare for All will include vision, dental, and hearing services as part of the overall plan. Medicare for All will keep more people healthier and reduce dependence on local resources. No one would be forced into poverty due to high medical expenses. The total cost would be less because the middleman would be excluded from its costs, so while our taxes might go up, our medical costs would go down even more.

Please encourage your senators and representatives to support Medicare for All.

Marilea White, Normal

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