A letter to the editor on June 14 was pushing Medicare for All, stating that a household would only pay about $500 per year. This was apparently a young person who does not know about Medicare. I am on Medicare, and here are some facts. My premium for Medicare Part B is $1,626 per year. On top of that, Medicare only pays a limited amount, so I have a supplemental plan that costs $3,276. Also prescription drugs are a separate plan that costs another $322. That is a total of over $5,000, which my wife also pays.

Each time there is a slight increase in my Social Security payment, the premium increase takes away from the amount we have to spend. If Medicare for All were to become a reality and your annual premium were only $500, everyone’s taxes would more than double. Would Medicare for All be like we have now, and you still have to have a supplemental plan to pay for what Medicare does not cover?

Medicare has a big issue with fraud, losing billions of dollars a year. You do not hear insurance companies talking about fraud. Is it because they make sure claims are legitimate before paying them? Our government is not efficient in any of their operations.

Will everyone have to take the Medicare plan or will Congress have its own plan that covers everything for them? How long will someone have to wait to see a doctor or have a procedure done?

L. Hankins, Normal

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