Letters to the editor

Here we are with two more mass shootings and more to come. It is estimated that Americans have around 300 million legal guns in their possession, including my five. Let's throw in some other favorite killing tools like knives, crossbows and whatever else vicious people can come up with.

There is no way to do away with all of this, only the ones that should not have it will end up with it. Take a look at the Monday Pantagraph; page one is all about the second killings and how we can possibly stop it. Well, go to page A4 and see the huge ad for the "Hobbs and Shaw" movie that is so hot right now.

Everyone who cares about this insanity should be required to see this movie. These same rifles, which are and should be legal, are shown blowing one after another into bloody bits, along with all other kinds of violence and profanity that makes it just OK.

It is the same Hollywood idiots who are protesting guns that are producing this carnage. This and the violent games that are so popular and profitable are brainwashing our youth. Wake up.

Al LaRochelle, Bloomington

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