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Americans have an inherited distrust of government that dates back to British rule and Thomas Paine’s pamphlet entitled '‘Common Sense.’' The difference between then and now is that today’s use of common sense encourages the restraint of freedom.

It’s just common sense to impose more restrictions on the ownership of firearms. Certain groups, politicians, and media believe that it’s OK for all levels of government to have any kind of gun they desire in the interest of public safety, but it’s just not safe for you to own one. They forget that the purpose of the Second Amendment is protection from tyranny, with hunting and self-protection as secondary freedoms. They know that repeal of our Second Amendment is unattainable. But slowly chipping away at Second Amendment freedoms is possible.

The Orwellian plan is for all government to require licensing and registration. In the interest of public safety, they need to know who owns what kind of gun. They will insist that any resistance is simply paranoia. Is it paranoia, or could it be inherited distrust? Why are more and more Americans buying guns? It’s true! The facts are there with the FBI’s statistics on the monthly number of background checks. There are no panic purchase spikes anymore. The number of gun purchases just keeps increasing and increasing. And 2019 will be another record year, with gun purchases expected to reach 30 million.

This, once again, demonstrates that it’s the American people that have the true '‘common sense.'’

David Salch, Bloomington

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