People who don’t believe that the LGBTQ community should receive support are people who believe that those who aren’t straight are going against nature.

The people who don’t support LGBTQ also believe people were created to work a certain way, so going against nature is wrong. Being impulsive and doing whatever you “feel” will not lead you down a good path.

'Learn how to function in discomfort' is what most people in our society say. But, in the reality, it's not true. There are thousands of LGBTQ people who suffer their daily lives fighting against the odds and society.

Loving the same gender or being a transgender is not being impulsive or going against nature; rather, it’s something because of scientific reasons and who you are as a person. Human rights campaigns and researchers at the University of Connecticut found that 77 percent of LGBTQ teenagers surveyed report feeling depressed or down. Ninety-five percent of LGBTQ youth report having trouble sleeping at night. These adolescents are going to a extreme when they decide to take their own lives.

Nearly one-third (29 percent) of LGBTQ youth had attempted suicide at least once in the prior year. This is really a major issue which should be brought into light and has to be supported by everyone in the society to save more LGBTQ people from suffering and dying.

Every single human being should be able to pursue life as they wish.

Nityashree Parthasarathy, Bloomington


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