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Americans with Disabilities Act became law in 1990, which required all sidewalks be curb-cut; they are still not ADA accessible. Everything around government facilities is. They expect others to obey the law, and they do just the opposite.

As an individual using a mobility aid, navigating the infrastructure was impossible. Another individual, a junior high student in a wheelchair, “hiked” over the curb one morning. A Public Works truck was out the next morning, probably before ADA was notified. I witnessed a third occurrence when someone indicated “the infrastructure is terrible.” Not a very good record. Let local government administration try to navigate the infrastructure using a mobility aid, and we may see rapid results.

When J.B. Pritzker was campaigning, he indicated “I will be governor for all of the state of Illinois.” He swore an oath to uphold the Illinois and U.S. constitutions and, while medical marijuana was legalized, the state kept pushing for recreational marijuana, which was unfortunately legalized. He broke another campaign promise.

In addition, he has raised taxes on everyone, which violated another campaign promise. A flat tax rate increase will not affect people in his income bracket as much as it will some. It appears J.B. will do anything so the government can continue its tax-and-spend pattern. He appears to be looking at dollar signs.

People have not forgotten the campaign promises that he has broken and will not return him to office.

Scott Stimeling, Bloomington

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