Questions about Flynn, money, taxes

Questions about Flynn, money, taxes

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Letters to the editor

When will you print a story about how the FBI railroaded Gen. Flynn and destroyed his career and his future? We would like to see a story about what the FBI did to Flynn in order to get at the president. I suspect that the only place we will hear the truth is on Fox News.

One question I have not had answered is, "Where is this money coming from that is being distributed to every man, woman and child?" And even talk of another economic stimulus of even larger than $2 trillion. Consider how the crisis was used by those pushing socialism. Some of these funds have absolutely nothing to do with the virus. $90 million to Peace Corps (they just fired all 7,500 volunteers working in 61 countries). Pelosi inserted billions for arts and museums and other agencies who could use the money to promote climate change. Many others (unconnected to the virus) are too numerous to mention.

I understand the Republicans accepted these horrendous inclusions rather than hold up the bill for those who really were in need. (I know where the money is coming from. Us. Crank up the printing presses and 'make' more money. As more money floods our country, the dollars we have lose value every day. Also raise taxes and fees.)

B.P. Cline, Normal


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