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When Gov. Rauner broke his promise and signed a bill expanding abortions for Medicaid recipients, he did more than doom many more infants in the womb.

He justified his decision, which surprised none of us who are aware of his pro-abortion position, on the grounds of fairness. Using different, and much less frank, words, he said that poor women deserve to hire doctors to kill their developing babies as much as women who can afford to pay their own way.

So-called liberalism falls to a great depth when it resorts to this kind of awkwardly specious beneficence.

More important personally to Rauner and the legislators who voted for the bill is how their argument will fly when they meet their maker. Elected officials with the power to reduce the abortion carnage, which falls disproportionately on minorities, carry a much heavier responsibility than those who merely voted for them, but all abortion supporters will have some serious explaining to do eventually.

Thomas W. Shilgalis, Normal


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