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President Trump once bragged, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.” Sad to say, he’s probably right.

Case in point is conservative columnist Jay Ambrose’s screed, “Trump still not as bad as the Democrats” (Pantagraph, Oct. 20). Ambrose is a master at distorting facts, ignoring facts, and rationalizing facts in order to justify his support for Trump.

So, if Trump did, in fact, shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue, it’s really not difficult to imagine how Ambrose and many in Trump’s base would spin the story:

“Well, I’m sure that many Democrats have killed people and the media never makes a big deal of that. A lot of people say that it’s possible the person the president shot was an enemy of the people; in which case, it was a very patriotic thing to do. And, even if the president admits to the shooting, it could very well be fake news because the media loves to be unfair to president. Face it. President Trump is unconventional. It’s just Trump being Trump. So he shot someone on Fifth Avenue — get over it!”

And so on.

Yep, unless more Republicans come to their senses, the demagogue in the White House just might be able to get away with murder.

Joseph White, Bloomington

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