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Showing a serious misunderstanding of history, a September letter suggested resentments Trump stokes were initiated by Obama. However, they began in the 1950s with the civil rights movement.

By the 1960s, laws dealing with racial discrimination and voter rights were passed with bipartisan support, so southern Democrats were targeted by segregationists and using white voters’ resentment, the GOPs southern strategy was adopted.

Fast forward to 2008. Obama was elected by a diverse group of voters galvanizing Republican opposition, resulting in a campaign of victimization and grievance inflamed by Fox News, right-wing radio and online content. While Trump peddled birther lies, Sen. McConnell used obstruction, hoping to make Obama a one-term president.

In 2012, candidate Romney voiced disdain for immigrants, saying they should self-deport, and he needed voters’ help to send Obama back to Chicago where he belonged. He was caught on tape disparaging the “47 percent” who would vote for Obama no matter what.

There must be reasons the KKK, neo-Nazis and other white supremacists openly support Trump. Consider Trump’s comments that they had fine people on their side, African immigrants were undesirable while those from northern Europe were best and Muslims should be banned. Add his rants about African-American athletes and congressmen, lack of empathy for Puerto Ricans and cruel treatment of children and parents seeking asylum, and it becomes clear who’s responsible.

Trump and his supporters unfairly believe minorities don’t belong in their America and Democrats are a violent mob, too dangerous to govern.

Linda L. Doenitz, Bloomington

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