Why would anyone think Trump and his associates told the truth about their un-American complicity with Russians during the 2016 campaign and transition or think attempts didn’t occur to derail investigations raising valid obstruction of justice questions? Explanations might include not reading Mueller’s report or lacking unbiased news sources or having reading comprehension and critical thinking challenges.

Reading Mueller’s report confirms much of what left-leaning media reported. If powerful officials in the FBI and intelligence agencies wanted to prevent Trump from becoming president, wouldn’t they have leaked all that “fake” information prior to Election Day? If Trump and his associates had done nothing wrong, they would have told the truth about Russians and efforts to build a tower in Moscow. Trump would have strongly confronted Putin personally at the Helsinki news conference and led efforts to prevent foreign interventions in future elections, focusing his outrage on Russians, not American investigators.

Trump cannot defend his dastardly deeds, so he lies, pays hush money, refuses to testify or honor subpoenas and tries to divert attention by accusing others of wrongdoing; therefore, we must ask why. When a person has been conditioned or brainwashed by Trump’s propaganda, confirmation bias prevents accepting facts that conflict with false information the person believes.

To answer 'why' questions, people must consider facts Mueller verified and employ higher-level critical thinking skills. Asking and answering 'why' questions is enjoyable unless one only parrots left- or right-wing rhetoric. Seeking truth strengthens America, while propaganda weakens us.

Linda L. Doenitz, Bloomington

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