Letters to the editor

Dayton, El Paso, Virginia Beach, Aurora, Thousand Oaks, Pittsburgh, Annapolis, Santa Fe, Parkland, Sutherland Springs, Las Vegas, Orlando and the litany of cities directly impacted by gun violence goes on.

When will Bloomington and Normal be added to this list?

Give your president credit for his brilliant observation, “Perhaps we can do more” and hope that he doesn’t cave to the pressure of the NRA. We can do more; however, action and timing will be determined by Mitch McConnell. This is the world that Mitch has created and we’ve endorsed him for the past 30 years without questioning his motives.

He loves our country and certainly wouldn’t do anything to harm it? But maybe it’s time to question his motives and pressure his timing. While our nation cries out in anguish, will Mitch respond with compassion and action? Will he do what’s right for our country or will he be most concerned about his re-election campaign with sights on huge contributions to it from special interests?

It appears that he’s created a monster and I do not expect things to change overnight, but for the good of our country, let’s do something to slow down this carnage in our land.

Roger Hellman, Bloomington

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