On May 28-29, heavy wind-blown rains came again, causing street flooding. The 4-inch inlets simply cannot process that volume of water that rapidly, and the ground was so saturated there was simply no place for the water to go, plus debris was “plugging” up the inlets.

This caused water to come up over the approach, sidewalk, and it was halfway up my drive heading for the house.

The city of Bloomington claims the infrastructure is not that bad. I have inquired, “When are the inlets going to be raised?“ They continue to say, “When we re-lay the streets.” The city motor fuel tax that was instituted in 2015 was to go to the infrastructure, and I have yet to see any results. 

Not all sidewalks are ADA-compliant, which is over 29 years ago, but any governmental body can be that way. If an individual is 30 days late, they will not hear the end of this. It appears to be different strokes for different folks.

Let the entire council plus city administration and department heads spend 30 days using mobility aids in the middle of winter.

The city drop-off facility must not be cleaned very thoroughly as my vehicle picked another screw and punctured a tire this time.

Scott Stimeling, Bloomington

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