Letters to the editor

Congressman Rodney Davis, 13th District, has been very busy these past several years. Besides playing baseball and football in D.C. in his “spare” time, let’s see how he’s represented us while he’s been “on the clock.”

Congressman Davis voted for the tax break that removed personal exemptions, dissuaded folks from contributing to charities, and limited deductions in property taxes and home mortgages. The result: a greater debt burden on America, the top 1% claiming 83% of any so-called tax benefit, and fewer dollars for charities.

Congressman Davis said he tried to influence the president from enacting tariffs on agricultural exports to China. The result: no impact and an economic loss to the soy market in McLean County, with agricultural leaders lamenting that the local market will likely not return to the pre-tariff sales.

Congressman Davis voted to support drug companies with $200 billion in tax breaks and voted 50 times to slash federal monies for drug rehabilitation programs from those addicted by big pharma’s glutting the market with opioids. He also accepted $95,000 from opioid manufacturers and $21,000 from makers of Vicodin. The result: greater addiction and loss of life, even in our county.

It’s time for voters in the 13th and Central Illinois to elect someone who will work for OUR interests. The result: better government through better representation.

Sally Bulkley Pancrazio,


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