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My last letter was published on Aug. 19 and the headline was “Time to get our troops out of Syria.” Since then the situation has gotten even more dangerous. On Sept. 17, a Russian reconnaissance plane was shot down, killing all 15 Russian military personnel who were aboard. The circumstances that brought about the shoot-down are very complicated and fraught. But the consequences of it are such as to fundamentally change the facts on the ground and in the air.

Russia announced that it would move its highly-regarded S-300 anti-aircraft system into Syria. They had refrained from sending their S-300s in to this point, but the Russian military is taking the loss of 15 of its people very seriously. It may very well be that the Syrian government and its Russian allies have just established a no-fly zone over Syria.

In this volatile and dangerous situation, our troops represent a huge factor of uncertainty and up the ante to the sky is the limit.

I call on President Trump to pull our troops out of Syria. ISIS has been essentially defeated, so we can say we accomplished our mission and withdraw. Two leaders who would support this are Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky (R) and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii (D). They deserve our support.

Greg Brown, Bloomington

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