Abortion is the topic that instantly turns a conversation awkward and uncomfortable. Nobody wants to talk about it. When I started trying to talk to my friends, coworkers, and family about the moral and ethical problems with abortion, I quickly realized they didn’t want to hear it. They didn’t want to talk about it, hear about it, or even think about it.

Why? Because they don’t have to. It is a tragedy that happens behind closed doors and leaves no physical evidence, making it very easy to pretend it doesn’t happen at all. Many women have it done before anyone knows a new life existed. There are no graves for the babies who are aborted.

Could you imagine if the 60 million babies who have been aborted in the United States since Roe Vs. Wade were buried? Arlington Cemetery has 400,000 soldiers buried and it is visually astounding to see the number of graves. If we had buried all 60 million babies who have been recorded as aborted in the U.S. since 1973, we would need 150 more Arlington cemeteries plus another two-plus every year that abortion remains legal (according to recent Guttmacher Institute statistics).

It is estimated that the Holocaust may have claimed around 20 million lives. Abortion has claimed more than three times as many lives just in the U.S. in less than 50 years. This is a modern-day silent holocaust and we need to start talking about it.

Miranda O'Bryan, LeRoy

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