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Recently our public discourse crossed a line; it is now appropriate to express moral outrage at our national politics. Because we learned that President Trump thinks of immigration policy as a means of racial screening, denigrating people of color everywhere with his thoughtless words.

Because we learned that in doing so Trump was not just posturing to please a part of his base that leans towards white nationalism; rather, he is the embodiment of that base.

Because we learned that some congressional Republicans value power above the founding principles of our democracy to the point that they shamelessly lied about Trump’s horrible words to protect him.

Because we learned that Trump and some congressional Republicans hold Americans in such utter disregard, believe we are so dumb, or so lazy, or so indifferent that they can blatantly lie to us and we will do nothing.

Because we confirmed that doing nothing is no longer acceptable. That to protect our country from the disease called Trumpism, we need to exercise our right and privilege to dissent and resist. We need to follow the lead of the multitudes of women who took to the streets on the anniversary of Trump’s inauguration and voice our moral outrage as we work for change.

Bob Grosse, Normal 


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