There has been much rhetoric and press recently to consolidate or abolish township government, along with many other local taxing bodies in Illinois, with the basis to lower taxes. As supervisor of Mount Hope Township, I relate to the township.

Mount Hope Township, as all townships, is divided into road and bridge and township designations. Each entity requires separate levies, budgets and allowed expenditures, all locally scrutinized by a board, clerk, road commissioner and supervisor. County and state reports are filed as statute requires. Within the township side is general assistance, which is a large concern for several townships, requiring specialized personnel or in many cases and the ability to access these people to help with local cases. Also within township care are many cemeteries, senior programs, youth programs, community building and many other efforts.

Roads and bridges are a main concern. McLean County Highway Department has 366 miles of road to care for. McLean County townships have 1,539 miles to account for.

Township government in McLean County has perennially been within budget, has no backlog of bills, and no unfunded liabilities, all within a small percentage of an annual tax bill.

With the current lack of financial prowess as demonstrated by the state of Illinois and the constant overused “increased revenue streams,” the question is, does a reasonable and prudent voter really believe taxes will be lower with the loss of township base?

Daryl Yoder, Stanford

The writer is supervisor, Mount Hope Township

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