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I would first like to share some facts about the soybean market. Since President Donald Trump's tariffs especially toward China, U.S. farmers have seen a drop in the price of soybeans. China, before the tariffs, bought a large amount of the farmers' soybeans. Global trade does work for everyone.

Now the farmers who grew soybeans this year have seen soybean prices under $9 a bushel. President Donald Trump's answer to the problem is to subsidize the farmers by giving them 86 cents a bushel for soybeans that they grew this year. The taxpayers will have a bill of around $12 billion to bail the farmers out.

The Republican party has preached how they are against socialism, that people should be on their own. Capitalism has a structure where the free enterprise system works. Bailing out the farmers is socialism.

Our country needs to trade with all the countries in the world. Isolationism will never be profitable for any country. The answer is to take out the tariffs on China so the free market can work. The farmers would probably agree with my assessment.

Earl A. Rients, Pontiac

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