Trump unfit for presidency

Trump unfit for presidency

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The day after his fraudulent impeachment acquittal, Trump’s personality was on full display. First, at the National Prayer Breakfast, he said he disagreed with Jesus’ teachings, then questioned whether religious beliefs should be used to make decisions about right and wrong plus criticized people who pray for others, calling them hypocrites. His message centered on the economy, making money and pandering to right-wing Christians without acknowledging other religious groups in the crowd, implying that his policies favor one religion over another, an unconstitutional position.

A few hours later, he held a White House East Room political rally where he said religion was a crutch and spewed threats, rambling for over an hour, delighting his audience. GOP senators and representatives, his lawyers, cabinet and family members and the vice president laughed, clapped and cheered when they should have realized they needed to insist Trump gets professional help and treatment using the 25th amendment to force the issue.

Trump actually claimed he had been totally acquitted, 197-0, when there were 48 votes to convict on Article I and 47 votes on Article II charges. He’s either delusional, can’t do basic math or confusing the GOP impeachment no votes in the house with the Senate trial votes. Maybe in addition to a psychiatrist, he needs remedial math and government lessons to improve his skills.

In any event, he’s dangerously unfit for duty as president. America deserves a mentally and morally competent commander-in-chief who can lead with integrity, knowledge and empathy.

Linda L. Doenitz, Bloomington


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