Letters to the editor

Our country deserves an honest, competent, unifying president. Branding Democrats as socialists and communists who hate America when Trump "pals" around with real communists like China's Xi, North Korea's Kim and Russia's Putin, praising them as strong leaders, good friends and appearing to have "man crushes" on them, is beyond hypocritical.

Trump and Republicans think making healthcare and housing affordable, paying living wages, providing good education and securing retirement benefits for everyone is a socialist agenda, illustrating how poorly they understand constitutional mandates and what the phrase "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" means.

Republicans favor maintaining a huge wealth gap so the rich are the only ones truly enjoying our founding documents' guarantees, a philosophy similar to how King George and British aristocrats governed their American colonies. Therefore, it's time to dethrone King Trump and unseat his royal court of enabling knaves who are just as selfish and morally bankrupt as British rulers were in 1776.

Trump's policies, actions, rallies and rhetoric reek of disrespect for American values. Separating migrant families, admiring dictators, stoking fear and division, targeting the press, abusing women, saying only stupid people pay taxes, faking bone spurs to avoid military service, using stolen information and propaganda from Russians in his campaign, constantly being untruthful, committing campaign finance violations, obstructing justice, misusing presidential powers and enriching himself at the taxpayers' expense confirm Trump is totally unfit to serve a second term. In fact he should be impeached and if guilty, removed ASAP.

Linda L. Doenitz, Bloomington

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