Letters to the editor

The essential harm being done to our country and its citizens by the president is the dumbing down. It is not his speeches, but his ignorance.

Because he has chosen to ignore and defy history, contrary advice, and uncomfortable truth, he depends on his instincts to make major decisions — like an adolescent boy. This behavior shows he is impulsive, and it makes significant people wonder what direction he will take next; we have no shared basis of wisdom.

He lacks a core guiding principle of the good of the whole country. He thinks what will benefit only him — by way of votes from his loyal supporters, by his own racist-flavored and self-proclaimed “greatness,” and visible, tangible accomplishments — his wall, His Trump Towers, the freedom to shoot, the embassy in Jerusalem, as well as the dismantling of science and public schools.

His self-centeredness is dumbing down our country. What value are school and facts if our next national policies lie hidden in the gut of one man, if your future depends on unpredictable instincts, free of moral considerations, freed of spiritual values of any kind; we are condemned to the strange effort to turn our country back to an era that never was — the nearly absolute supremacy of white rich men.

As our country is losing its edge of creativity and courage in research and development; the benefits of scholars, immigrants and people of color. It will eventually lose the greatness we have had.

Joris Heise, Bloomington

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