It's Sunday night, April 14, 2019. And I did something today I've never done even once in my entire 52 years.

It not only feels right. It feels decent.

I cheered when "Mayor Pete" announced his Democratic candidacy for president of the United States of America.

Not only that, I made a $25 campaign contribution. I ordered a "Pete 2020" bumper sticker for my car. And I special-ordered a size 5X "Pete 2020" T-shirt.

I will never tear up or turn in my membership card to the GOP. I want to be one of those confounding voters we see late every election night on the television, in that peculiar polls column that reads "Democrats who voted Republican/Republicans who voted Democrat."

How ironic is it that Trump switching from lifelong Democrat is what caused this lifelong Republican to support a Dem for the first time?

Thanks, Donald! I absolutely positively never coulda done it without you!

Kevin Oloman, Bloomington


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