I may be wrong but I believe the average voter in 2020 want discussions and answers to these items: Health care (including prescription drug prices); infrastructure (roads, bridges, water and refuse improvements, mass transit); climate change (alternative energy, pollution-free cars like electric, hydrogen-run); meaningful, fair tax reform; education reform (student debt, junior college and trade school free; immigration reform (fair, compassionate laws, improved help in Central American countries, dreamer legislation.

Also, gun reform (ban on all semi-automatic, automatic weaponry, ban bump stocks, limitations on ammunition and clips); passage of Equal Rights Amendment for women; fight against pain pills and other drug addictions; justice and prison reform; government reform (elimination of Electoral College, term limits); and much, more more.

They are not interested in Hillary Clinton and her emails or impeaching Trump but rather true, meaningful issues!

Michael Kober, Bloomington

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