Letters to the editor

I have a few items to get off my mind.

One, to start simple, why do the residents think they shouldn’t clean the gutters and gutter drains in front of their homes? That is part of the responsibility of being a good citizen. Mow the weeds or kill them, clean the drain so water can get away and not become a huge puddle filling the street and possibly causing an accident or showing up in their basement.

Second, we do not need to spend $14 million to redirect Hamilton Road on the south end of Bunn Street by going north on Bunn to the old Tri-Lakes entrance and putting in an expensive new road and railroad crossing to connect to Hamilton next to what was Hundman Lumber. Upgrade Rhoads Lane, making a straight shot east from Bunn to Route 150. Put in a traffic light and turn lanes. That has got to be much cheaper and is more sensible.

Traffic is only bad when going to and coming home from work at that intersection. This project has already escalated from about $10 million to $14 million, and by the time they would get the railroad and other approvals and finish the project in two or three or four years, I am sure it would be way more expensive. Come on, city officials, use some common sense.

Dennis M. Fries, Bloomington

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