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During the 1970s, I remember sitting in my dad’s Kingswood Estate waiting hours in gas lines at an Arco fueling station. He was only allowed 10 gallons. He told me that the thieving oil companies were trying to get richer. I later learned the real story. America, under Republican and Democratic presidents, were standing up to petroleum states with tyrannical regimes and were embargoed by OPEC. America stood on her values: freedom, liberty, democracy. We the people, sacrificed for the greater good.

Today, I can get about half a tank for $10 with no waiting. Cheap gas.

What if some of our founding patriots, Madison, Hamilton, Washington and Franklin refused to participate in the Revolution and not sign the Constitution because the King of England supplied their horses with cheap oats and carrots? Bought them off for a bargain. Where would we be today? Not the United States of America.

Recently, a petroleum state killed a journalist, and human rights abuses around the world continue unabated. So, our response? We want cheap gas. They bought off America for a bargain. What would our original founding patriots tell us? Cheap gas is ephemeral. Democracy is forever, if  we can keep it.

Lawrence Necheles, Pontiac

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