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I finally watched "An Inconvenient Truth" recently. As compelling as the global warming arguments are, the deeper theme of discussion that should continue today is education. Why don't we listen to our educated citizens? Why don't we elect our educated citizens to office, or at least urge them to run for office? When did we stop listening to, or caring about, facts?

The word "science" has become too questionable in today's society. We have people who spend their lives simply trying to find truth about our natural world; they are experts. However, their findings and knowledge are often disregarded or discredited. When did facts and truth become subjective? Why don't we trust those who are legitimate experts?

There are several topics that we could discuss, from evolution to climate change, but if we don't educate ourselves and acknowledge fact and truth then what's the point of debate? What's the point of education? What's the point of learning if everything is subjective? I'm legitimately afraid for humanity if we do not care about truth anymore.

Travis Wheet, Normal

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