We Americans on a regular basis exercise the right of franchise and go to the polls to vote. We vote to elect school board members, mayors, state legislators, governors, members of Congress, and the president.

In our democracy, the vote of a common laborer equals that of the CEO of the largest corporation.

Who is the person we elected to be president of the United States? Following are some of the traits of President Trump:

1. He is a narcissist. Though he never was elected to any public office, his ego was so big that he sought to be the head of our great nation.

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2. We elected a person lacking in empathy. What person would separate children from their parents, as he did on the Texas border with Mexico?

3. We elected a person with dictatorial tendencies. The very first thing he did was to build detention facilities for persons seeking asylum from Central America and Mexico. He did this by directive and not through Congress.

There are consequences from voting. We are witnessing the possible impeachment process against President Trump for misconduct in office. There were few impeachment trials in our nation's history, because most of our presidents had qualifications for the job. In President Trump, we have the least qualified person to seek this office. Why was such a candidate elected?

William Frinsko, Normal

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