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Recently, twin girls were born in China that have genetically edited DNA. This is newsworthy as a remarkable technological event. Are we really ready for this new technology to come into our post-modern civilization?

I acknowledge, as history has proven, new technologies cannot be stopped. How has humankind arrived at another threshold of stepping into the unknown of radical technological advancement while saying it's for the good of all? Far back in ancient Greek mythology, around 700 B.C., was the first indication of a mystic event known as Pandora's box. Out of vain curiosity, Pandora opens one sealed box and out escapes various plagues to curse the world. Yet, one virtue is kept inside: hope.

Does this human genetic-editing science replicate the Pandora's box analogy? By no means because, hope is here. Never will I say hope is in this amazing new technology, but only true hope is found in Jesus

the Christ born in Bethlehem, the city of David. I see a huge resemblance between human genetic editing compared to the immaculate conception of Jesus. But one major difference is the altered genetic make up of Jesus being created by the Holy Spirit versus these twins altered genetic make up a creation of two human scientists.

What does that really mean? Our human mind being corrupted by sin from the first parents and Jesus being the only means to change our life into a new creation, by faith believing in Jesus’ innocent, atoning blood shed at Calvary.

Leon Kaeb, Bloomington 

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