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Rewes Drain Cleaning


Combat Veteran Owned
Serving Bloomington and surrounding areas
Bloomington, IL 61701
Last Updated: September 17, 2018




About Rewes Drain Cleaning

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Welcome to Rewes Drain Cleaning!

Rewes Drain Cleaning is your quality sewer and drain service owned by a local Veteran. We specialize in both residential and commercial sewer and drain cleaning. We also offer camera inspections of any line 3" or larger!

 photo c3738711-38f9-4904-b863-48e53d7c0cfe_zps601e7978.jpg Our services include:

  Water Removal
  Sewage Removal
  Drain Cleaning
  Sewer Cleaning
  Video Pipe and Sewer Inspections
  High Pressure Water Jetting

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Don't let a drain disaster come by surprise!

At Rewes Drain Cleaning we provide:

Video camera inspections - Rewes Drain Cleaning utilizes advanced video camera inspections to discover the root of your problem before it gets any worse. Available for all pipes larger than 3 inches.

High-pressure water jetting - Our state-of-the-art water jetting will ensure a full and thorough cleaning of all your drains and blockages, no matter how tough. High pressure jetting can be done on as little as 4 inch lines.

Yearly tree root trimming / removal - The tree roots in your yard could be threatening or damaging your sewage systems deep underground. Yearly root trimming or removal services from Rewes Drain Cleaning prevent your trees from growing into a drain problem.

Take the guesswork out of sewer and pipe malfunctions

In just a few moments, our highly-trained technician specialists will search for and locate the problem with your pipe or drain. With a specially made waterproof camera, your sewer lines will be visually inspected and the nuisance identified.

Prevent costly repairs and wasted water.

Even well-kept homes can have unseen pipe and sewer line issues. Slow leaks and growing blockages can be dealt with using a camera inspection, well before costly repairs are needed.



"I had a large family gathering at my home over the holiday and my septic starting backing up in my basement, so I called Rewes Drain Cleaning and spoke with the owner Sam. I explained to him what was going on and that I had about 30 people at my home. Sam listened, and then told me that he would be right out. The only thing he told me was to try not to do any laundry. I just laughed and told him no problem. I know that he was enjoying the holiday with his own family, but he left his family to help me and mine. He got to my home in about 20 mins. He had me up in running in about 30 mins. And my family gathering went off without a hitch." - Sur T. 1/7/2013

"I have a very old home (over 100 years old) and recently experienced a sewer back up in my basement. The first name that came to mind was Roto Rooter so I called and they came right out. After about an hour of work and a nearly 400 dollar bill I was told that my sewer line was collapsed and it would cost $8,000 to fix! I called Rewes for a second opinion. Instantly I knew something was different with this company, I spoke directly with the owner Sam for almost 20 mins over the phone, he was very nice and assured me that even if the line was broke he could get it fixed for much less. He showed up right on time and discovered that my sewer was not broke but just plugged with tree roots. It took Sam about 2 hours to get me draining again and he even scheduled a free check up with a sewer camera next year to see how far along the roots had grown. I would recommend Rewes to any homeowner who has drain backup. Very polite and professional, and even gave me tips on keeping the other drains in my home free from clogs. I saved a bunch of money and didn't have to dig my yard, could not be more pleased" - Jason T. 12/14/2013



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Don’t waste another day of your life with an uncooperative drain or sewer. End the inconvenience and misery with one call to our professional and reliable team. Ask about our discounts! Call us at 309-275-2949 for any information or to set an appointment, or email us. Also, be sure to visit our website and like us on Facebook! We hope to hear from you soon!

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Rewes Drain Cleaning is your quality sewer and drain service owned by a local Veteran. We specialize in both residential and commercial sewer …

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