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Clearly Windows


1701 East Empire Suite 360 #260
Bloomington, IL 61704
Fax: 309-828-2837
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Clearly Windows was founded in 2002 in Bloomington IL as Twin Cities Window Cleaning. They grew very quickly into the entire Central IL area, that being Bloomington, Peoria, Champaign, Springfield and Decatur, or what we like to call the downstate five. As we grew we felt our name should grow with us so in late 2007 we changed our name to Clearly Windows.

Clearly Windows still operates in the downstate five and offers commercial and residential window cleaning, carpet cleaning, awning cleaning, gutter cleaning and protection, chandelier cleaning, pressure washing and blind cleaning. We have and always will be large enough to serve your needs but small enough to provide excellent customer service.

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1717 W Kirby Ave Box 327, Champaign, IL 61822

We serve the entire Central Illinois area including Bloomington, Peoria, Champaign, Springfield and Decatur, Illinois.

Residential Cleaning


Clearly Windows offers residential window cleaning in Bloomington, Champaign, Peoria, Springfield, and Decatur. We provide a complete service to residential meaning that we clean the window glass interior and exterior but also include the sills. Our staff is always honored by the trust you place in us to be in your home that is why it is our philosophy to treat your home as our own. We always use foot protection and well as ladder protection.


We also clean the screens and have two different cleans. One is the wipe down and that is done with the windows at no additional charge. We also have the ultrasonic clean where we dip them in our ultrasonic cleaning tank. When they come out they are dried and put back in place with not one spot of dirt anywhere on them. This prevents any dirt from running from the screen to the windows during the next rain.

Pure Water

Clearly Windows has always believed in and utilized the latest in technology. We use what the industry calls water fed poles. Here is how it works. Water is run through a purification system that removes all solids in the water. This leaves the water pure which is aggressive against dirt as well as leaves a spot free rinse. The other advantage to this type of exterior cleaning is that all parts of the window are cleaned. Frames, glass and sills are all dirt free and residue free to keep your windows "cleaner, better, longer."

Commercial Services


Clearly Windows services Central IL and includes Bloomington, Champaign, Peoria, Springfield and Decatur with our commercial window cleaning service. We clean anything from small storefronts to large multiple story buildings.

Multiple Locations

One of our specialties is to service companies with multiple locations. This is a tremendous value to our customers in the way of consistent product, streamlined billing, and decreased liability exposure to clients.

5 Story and Under

Our utilization of the water fed poles and pure water technology allows us to be extremely competitive on these types of buildings. Where other companies have to rent a lift or rappel off of the top of the building, we can access these windows from the ground. This is safer and less expensive for both our customers and for us.

6 Story and Above

Clearly Windows is fully capable of rappelling your building and or utilizing lifts around the building. We will come out and do a full roof and ground inspection to ensure the safety of our people and the protection of your building and landscape.

Other Services

Awning Cleaning

We offer a complete awning cleaning and sealing program to our commercial and residential clients. The results can be dramatic. The cost of a new awning is major so why not clean and seal it to keep it looking and lasting like it should?

Blind Cleaning

Whether you have one blind or a whole house or business full, we have an affordable solution for your blind cleaning needs. We offer mobile on-site service or we have an easy pick and deliver option. Either way your blinds will be dirt and dust free with same day service. We can clean almost any material and the cleaning is perfect for:

• Mini-Blinds
• Real Wood Blinds
• Faux Finish Blinds

Carpet Cleaning

Hot Water Extraction or Dry Method--Which is better? That was what we wanted to know so we tried many methods of both and have decided that both have very distinct advantages. That is why we offer both. We will assess your carpets and let you know which method will work best or use a combination of both.

Chandelier Cleaning

Let us keep your foyer lights and outdoor lights looking fresh and presentable. Whether we are talking about a crystal chandelier or an outside porch light, we will keep your light shining through.

Gutter Cleaning

We offer two different cleaning’s for gutters, Interior and Exterior. The Interior we come out and rid all gutters of leaves and debris we then flush out downspouts to make sure all drainage is happening as it should. The exterior is known to get those black streaks, and build-up. We can take care of that as well and keep the image of your property in tip top shape.

Also we offer Gutter Protection. We use a product called Rain Flow and this product keeps leaves and debris from getting down into the gutter. This product is less expensive than some of the others out there on the market and we warranty it for life.

House Washing

Whether it be siding or roofing sometimes our homes just need a bath the refresh that new appearance. We will wash your siding and or roof if needed to once again help you keep your properties image top notch.

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