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Nybakke Vacuum Shop


814 Iaa Drive
Bloomington, IL 61701
Last Updated: October 1, 2018




About Nybakke Vacuum Shop

Welcome to Nybakke Vacuum Shop! 

Nybakke Vacuum Shop in Bloomington, IL is proud to support high quality products and a lot of those are Made in USA products. We have the knowledge and experience to help you choose the right vacuum for your home and our quality long-lasting vacuums start as low as under $200.

David and Terry now own and operate the family business.  As part of the third generation team to run the business, they understand the strength of their company is understanding their customers. The fourth generation of Nybakke, Megan Nybakke is now involved with the business.  To successfully run one of the most premier vacuum cleaner sales dealerships in America, Nybakke Vacuum Shop Inc. has Randy Short and Mike Rath, employees that are committed to giving the very best customer service. 

The future is offering more of the very best products in performance and quality that is available on the market today. Not only offering the very best vacuum cleaners but also expanding into offering to Central Illinois;

The very best in air filtration with portable and whole house purifiers by BlueAir. 
The most powerful central vacuum systems by MD Manufacturing 
The best cleaning products for your carpets and hard floors 

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"Nybakke Vacuum Shop has been meeting the needs of the community for over 80 years. Vacuums, appliances, cleaning products, all of the highest quality!

If you are needing a vacuum serviced or repaired or just needs parts, Nybakke is likely to be able to help you. It used to be that we could say that we can repair all vacuums no matter the brand but these days there are more and more nationally advertised brands that have a vacuum made for them (mostly in China) and distribute it by mainly advertising in infomercials and on the internet or sell it in pallet fulls to big box stores and they have no intention of inventorying parts in this country. They know that a lot of people just throw things away and really don’t care if they can get parts or service so they don’t spend the money to ship each individual part and go through customs and warehouse and inventory that part.

If you have a vacuum you really like and want to take care of, Nybakke offers a “Full Tune Up”. This special service will completely take your vacuum apart and wash all plastic parts, even outer bags and inspects all electrical parts. This is important for people with allegies because your vacuum is the most important tool in your home to keep your indoor air quality clean. With this “Full tune Up” your vacuum gets sanitized and disinfected.

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Kassidy Frederick

Nybakke Vacuum Shop sound`s so good I am glad to to read some post like this best site for cleaning.Your location and timings are very informative.Thanks my dear for sharing it.

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