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About Babbitt's Books


Your international bookstore with small-town service for used, rare and collectible books.

In business for twenty years, Babbitt's Books is a cosmopolitan bookstore with small-town service. We offer 50,000 online listings and tens of thousands of affordable in-store titles. We specialize in rare books, fiction and ephemera.


Are you looking for a particular book? You can search our inventory to see if we have the book you are looking for! Or you can view our New Arrivals Catalog!

Join our catalog mailing list and receive a copy of the catalogs of your choice one week before they are posted online.

To order any book listed in these catalogs, copy the item number(s) and paste it into our search system. This will tell you if the book is still available as well as how to place an order. You can also send an e-mail message to the store with the item number, author and title. Don't forget to include your name, shipping address, phone number (in case we need to verify information), and preferred method of payment.



We don't buy: Reader's Digest condensed; self-help / diet books, romance novels; Westerns; and outdated textbooks, computer books, business books, and encyclopedias.

We will look at everything else on a case-by-case basis. Please do not try to second guess what we will buy. Some books that look special could be worth very little, and some books that look like junk could be very valuable. Our motto is "We would rather see it and say no than never see it at all".

Beyond books, we also buy many types of ephemera, including trade catalogs, postcards; cooking pamphlets; travel brochures; trade cards; odd, unusual or important magazines (no Kennedy assassinations); and just about anything of interest made from paper.

in store buying

For small quantities (four boxes or less) of books, we recommend bringing them into the store where we can best evaluate them for purchase. You can bring larger quantities if you like, but you may want to call beforehand and warn us. We do not purchase books on Sundays.

house calls

For larger quantities of desirable books we can arrange a house call. How far we travel for a book purchase is a loosely calculated equation balancing the quality of books and the driving distance.

selling over the internet

We are reluctant to buy large quantities of books over the Internet, but will entertain offers of small quantities of quality material. If you have a particular book you would like to sell, we will respond only if you provide the author, title, publisher, date, description of condition (using AB Bookman's standards), and your asking price—including media mail postage. You must also give us the privilege of return.


We appraise books for two reasons only—for insurance purposes and for donations. Insurance appraisals are done for riders on homeowners’ policies or for insurance compensation for stolen or damaged books. Appraisals for donations to libraries, universities or other non-profit organizations are done for the purpose of tax deductions. We do not appraise books to determine retail selling prices. If a book is for sale, we will offer to buy it at a wholesale price between 1/4 and 1/2 of our retail price. This price should in no way be construed as an appraisal.

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