100 years ago

Nov. 9, 1919: To move a house from one site to another, the mover makes a deposit with the city before Bloomington issues the house-moving permit. The fee just went up. City officials thought the expenses of moving The Seminole house from the old red light district weren’t covered.

75 years ago

Nov. 9, 1944: Post-election analysis showed that Main Street divided Republicans from Democrats as President Roosevelt won his fourth term. Precincts east of Main Street came in for Thomas Dewey, the Republican. Those west of Main went for Roosevelt, the Democrat.

50 years ago

Nov. 9, 1969: Miss Marie Summers went back to Sheridan school to look over its new addition, which will be dedicated today. She retired as its principal in 1949, and was the first principal when the current Sheridan building opened in 1935. She was surprised at all the changes.

25 years ago

Nov. 9, 1994: Jim Edgar won re-election as governor over his Democratic opponent, Dawn Clark Netsch. Locally, Sheriff Steve Brienen won another term, having run as a Republican instead of a Democrat this time. And the GOP appears headed for control of Congress.

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Compiled by Jack Keefe; jkeefe@coldwellhomes.com.