100 years ago

Aug. 12, 1919: Andrew Carnegie, millionaire, industrialist and philanthropist, has died. He gave away millions of dollars for public buildings, most notably libraries. But in Bloomington, it is the IWU science hall, built several years ago, that is a monument to Carnegie’s charity.

75 years ago

Aug. 12, 1944: Sheriff Richards is asking dog owners in McLean County to keep their dogs confined. He says there have been reports of dogs running in packs, and there’s concern that one or more of them may be rabid. But veterinarians say rabies cases are down this year.

50 years ago

Aug. 12, 1969: Bloomington city employees petitioned the city council not to force service director Harley Greene to retire when he turns 70. Nobody seems to want him to go, but city fathers are afraid of setting a precedent if they let him stay. So, Greene will have to retire.

25 years ago

Aug. 12, 1994: Police have arrested Jesse James Wallace in the murder of a 12-year-old girl. He was charged with first degree murder and a sex crime.

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Compiled by Jack Keefe; jkeefe@coldwellhomes.com.