100 years ago

June 11, 1919: Illinois is believed to be the first state to ratify the federal suffrage amendment. The amendment passed the House 132-3 and Senate 46-0. An hour later the amendment passed in Wisconsin, and then in Michigan later in the day. A vote is scheduled in New York Monday.

75 years ago

June 11, 1944: The state has awarded Bloomington $5,000 in motor fuel tax money for repair of major arterial streets. The prime job is widening Market Street from Hinshaw west to the city limits, but there are others. The $5,000 doesn’t cover the entire cost of any of the jobs.

50 years ago

June 11, 1969: Miss America, Judith Ann Ford of Belvidere, made a promotional appearance at People’s Bank. She answered the same questions people always ask, jokingly pocketed $24,000 during a tour of the vault (and gave it back) and is now en route her next stop, Butler, Mo.

25 years ago

June 11, 1994: Robbery charges were dismissed against a young Normal man after he passed a lie detector test. The case never got to court, where lie detector results are inadmissible. With help of the original suspect’s father, police arrested a second man and charged him.

Compiled by Jack Keefe; jkeefe@coldwellhomes.com.