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Davidson and Chris Redd team up on an oddly aggressive rap song about trees, but Davidson plays to his usual persona and, initially, mistakes the theme as marijuana. Redd quickly corrects him, and Davidson devotes several bars to someone who knows a lot about the outdoors: “Just tryna change the world like Al Gore, should-have-been-President Al Gore!” he raps. The former vice president makes a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo. Apparently, Davidson knows him in real life. Weird.

Adam Driver takes all of the gusto he applied to the struggling actor/bad boyfriend he played on “Girls” and applies it to a very different character: Mr. Abraham H. Parnassus, an extremely old man who talks about his work as an oil baron — a career spanning 82 years, he tells us — at his son’s school.

Davidson dares to order lobster at a diner in this terrific “Les Misérables” parody, which host John Mulaney co-wrote (with Colin Jost) during his days in the “SNL” writers room. MVP Kenan Thompson plays the ill-fated crustacean, who tweaks Valjean’s somber “Who Am I” to fit the narrative of a lobster confronting his impending demise: “Who am I? And why am I condemned to boil alive?”