BLOOMINGTON — Susan G. Komen — which funds research, screenings, treatment and education to combat breast cancer — is focusing on aggressive and metastatic cancers and communities at higher risk of breast cancer in the organization's 2018 research funding.

Recent breast cancer research has suggested that vitamin D may be helpful in reducing the risks for getting breast cancer as well as improving survival if you get breast cancer. Some research even suggests that it may reduce the pain some women get when on aromatase inhibitors, a treatment f…

Immunotherapy is a newer type of cancer treatment which uses our body's defense system to fight cancer. Our immune system not only protects us against common cold and pneumonia. It also protects us against cancer.

The Community Cancer Center, 407 E. Vernon Ave., Normal, has support groups, classes and programs for people affected by various types of cancer and also partners with other organizations and businesses to offer specific services: