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At Pheasant Lanes, Peg Hornyak converted the 6-7-10, Michelle Ralston converted the 5-10 and Thell Hoye converted the 4-6 in the Bowlerettes League; Velma Huls converted the 6-7-10 and Sherry Valeu converted the 6-7 in the Lady Ebonite League; Jan Klee converted the 6-7-10 in the SFEA Tuesday Women's League; and Joan McEssant converted the 4-10 and Lucy Reybolds converted the 4-6-7 in the SFEA Friday Husband and Wife League.

At Circle Lanes, Mary Cotton converted the 4-6-7 and Trudy Peak converted the 5-7 and the 3-6-7 in the Inter Church Women's League; and Gloria Zink converted the 6-7-10 and Diane Phillips converted the 3-7-10 in the Coffee Breakers League.

Youth tournament notes

Five Pheasant Lanes youth teams will advance to the Illinois State Bowling Proprietors USBC Youth Team Handicap Tournament Feb. 25-26 in Oak Forest. Advancing teams are

Bantam Girls - Myka Ruest, Amber Conder, Melissa Mutters, Seaira Shepherd and Kasandra High (sub from Lincoln Lanes, Danville).

Prep Boys - Trevor Forbes, Casey Nordine, Dayne Hafley, Kendall Warner and Josh Willan.

Prep Mixed - Nichole Howell, Alexia Johnson, Jacob Curry, Kurtis Welch and Joey Mailloux.

Junior Mixed - Brittany Falsetti, Chelsea Davitt, Megan Dewey, Elizabeth Gerlach and Jesse Fike.

Major/Senior Girls - Amber Shepherd, Ashley Collins, Jayme Johnson, Megan Corbin and Allison Corbin.

Honor roll guidelines

Guidelines for the Honor Roll are as follows: men - 250 game, 675 series; women - 220 game, 575 series; youth - 210 game, 550 series. Please include any USBC awards earned, especially by your lower-average bowlers whose scores do not qualify for the Honor Roll.

Reporting scores

Please report your weekly Honor Roll scores and achievements Sunday night or Monday before 5:30 p.m. by faxing them to (309) 473-9255, e-mailing them to or phoning them to (309) 473-3806.

Compiled by Mary Jo Chrispen


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