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NDSU 29, ISU 27

Series-by-series breakdown


• After ISU goes offsides on the opening kickoff, Wentz leads NDSU across midfield. On 3rd and 8 from the ISU 42, Wentz scrambles for a big gain but ISU's Donnelly knocks the ball free and Allen recovers at the ISU 19.

 ISU starts with two good runs by Coprich and Roberson, but two straight incompletions force a punt. Laros' perfect kick pins NDSU at the 3.

 NDSU backed up to the 2 on a first-down false start. ISU forces a 3-and-out and an 8-yard punt return by Neblett starts the next ISU series at the NDSU 38.

 On first down, Roberson fires deep to the end zone for Neblett, who draws a pass interference call against Smith. Three straight Coprich runs give ISU 1st & 10 at the 12. Roberson scrambles and fires a 12-yard TD pass to redshirt freshman Anderson. Aussieker PAT. ISU 7-0, 5:28.

 Wentz hits Vaadeland for 18 yards on 1st & 15 to start the drive. ISU's Allen called for facemask on Crockett to move NDSU to the ISU 35. Crockett catch-and-run gets to ISU 14. Fumbled shotgun snap by Wentz leads to a sack by Corwin. A sack and forced fumble backs NDSU up but Keller connects on a 41-yard field goal. ISU 7-3, 1:12.

 Roberson connects with Coprich for a 15-yard gain on first down, followed by a 4-yard Coprich run. 


 After an incompletion, Coprich gains 3 on 3rd and 6. Laros forced to punt. 

 On 3rd and 2, Wentz scrambles to avoid a sack and connects with wide open Vraa for 42 yards. A video replay reversed a first-down run by Crockett just shy of the ISU 10, prompting 4th and inches. NDSU goes for it and Wentz sneaks for the first down. After an ISU timeout with NDSU facing 3rd and goal from the 6, Wentz connects with Albers on a slant. NDSU 10-7, 8:47.

 Allen cut down at 15 on ensuing kickoff return. Coprich breaks through for 28 yards on first down. Deep pass intended for Meredith on 3rd and 6 broken up by Smith. Laros punt promts a fair catch at the NDSU 11. Runs by Crockett, Morlock and Bonnet get NDSU started before Wentz is sacked by Banks. Two plays later, NDSU gets a 53-yard punt from LeCompte as Neblett gets wrapped up at the ISU 15.

 Roberson escapes a sack and scrambles for 7 yards on first down and Coprich moves the chains on the next snap. Roberson picks up another 7 on a quarterback draw and Coprich again follows with a 4-yard pickup. Two straight Roberson passes are nearly intercepted, giving him six straight incompletions and forcing another Laros punt, downed at the NDSU 30.

 NDSU takes over with less than a minute left and runs out the clock.


 A rolling kickoff is misplayed by ISU and covered by Board, giving NDSU possession at the ISU 19. Prate sacks Wentz on 3rd and 11 as NDSU goes nowhere and Keller hits a 41-yard field goal. NDSU 13-7, 12:59.

 Roberson goes deep for Meredith on play action and again Smith breaks up the pass. Roberson ends his string of incompletions with a pass to Anderson, but short of the first down and Laros has to punt again.

 Wentz first-down pass to the sideline broken up by Burch. On 3rd and 3, Wentz breaks free for 35 yards to the ISU 34. Runs by Wentz, Crockett and Frazier move NDSU to the ISU 11. Crockett powers into the end zone from 5 yards. NDSU 20-7, 7:33.

 After two Coprich runs, a false start sets up 3rd and 8. Meredith makes a big catch in traffic for 19 yards to keep the drive alive. Roberson scrambles to avoid a sack, but ISU is whistled for a chop block to force 2nd and 22. Roberson connects with Neblett over the middle just shy of the first down. Coprich picks up the first down before Roberson is wrapped up for a loss of 1 on the next play. Roberson desperation heave is caught in a crowd by O'Shaughnessy, who spins free and races to the end zone. A penalty for holding on NDSU is declined and the TD stands. NDSU 20-14, 2:11.

 NDSU starts with three straight runs for a first down followed by a 15-yard pass to Gebhart to end the quarter.


 NDSU's drive continued with a 13-yard crockett run to the ISU 25 on the second snap after the break. On 3rd and 3 from the ISU 7, Morlock is stuffed up the middle. Keller connects on a 24-yard field goal. NDSU 23-14, 11:20.

 Anderson dropped at the ISU 16 on the kickoff return. After a completion to Anderson, Roberson breaks off a 47-yard dash. Thorton nearly intercepts a Roberson pass with an open path to the end zone, ISU called for illegal formation. Coprich follows with a 33-yard jaunt to the NDSU 2. After Emanuel drops Coprich for a loss on first down, Roberson brings ISU back to the NDSU 3. Roberson fires a dart to O'Shaughnessy for the score and Aussieker adds the kick. NDSU 24-21, 8:12.

 Perkins gets a 31 yard kickoff return to get NDSU started. Wentz connects with Urzendowski on a 14-yard second down pass. On 3rd and 2 from the ISU 42, Meehan leads a defensive surge to stuff Crockett. Going on 4th, NDSU sees Crockett power ahead to advance the chains as the clock runs under 4:00. Corwin smothers a stumbling Wentz on a second down run. Facing 3rd and 8, Wentz has nobody open and is sacked by Keoshian at the ISU 41. LaCompte punt goes into the end zone.

 ISU starts from its 20 with 2:22 to play. Roberson goes long down the sideline but overshoots Meredith. A pass to Anderson picks up 12 and a first down, followed by a 9-yard out to Neblett stopping the clock at 1:52. After an incompletion brings up 3rd and 1, Roberson fakes a handoff to Coprich and breaks away alone on a 58-yard TD run. Two-point conversion pass fails. ISU 27-23, 1:38.

 O'Shaughnessy is injured making a big hit on Crockett's kickoff return to the NDSU 22. After a false start, Wentz connects with Urzendowski for a gain of 32. Another pass to Urzendowski moves NDSU to the ISU 38. Wentz goes deep for Crockett but Donnelly has him covered and the throw is just long. Under pressure, Wentz throws it away to force 3rd and 10 with :57 on the clock. Timeout, NDSU. Hit as he throws, Wentz heaves deep and Urzendowski makes the grab at the ISU 5, with Glass making a TD-saving tackle. Timeout NDSU with :41. Wentz on a keeper weaves to the end zone to retake the lead. Keoshian blocks Keller's PAT. NDSU 29-27, :37.

 Anderson takes the kickoff to the 27 with :33 left. Roberson connects with Neblett for a first down. Roberson spikes but ISU called for illegal substitution. Roberson scrambles out of bounds to the ISU 45 with :13. Roberson's pass over the middle in traffic is caught by Farmer but taken away by Thorton for an interception.

• Wentz takes a knee and NDSU wins its fourth straight championship. NDSU 29-27, Final.


— Compiled by Joe Deacon


Assistant Sports Editor

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