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Area leaders


Lauren Shanks, Central Catholic;62

Caelyn Steffens, Normal Community;25

Ryann Anderson, Normal Community;20

Audrey Marsaglia, Normal West;17

Jess Hieb, Normal West;15

Meredith Heller, University High;14

Denise Watts, Bloomington;12 

Julia Herrman, University High;12

Olivia Peters, Normal West;11

Madison Bergeron, Normal West;10

Shannon Tomlinson, Normal Community;9

Katie Steinman, Central Catholic;8

Rylee Bilington, Normal West;8

Olivia Teplitz-Crawford, Normal West;7

Megan Seger, Normal Community;6

Annastacia Hollins, Normal West;6

Lia Ward, Normal Community;6

Sarah Brady, Central Catholic;6 

Grace Spader, Normal Community;5

Sierra Godsey, Central Catholic;5

Grace Blair, Normal Community;5

Paige Gardner, Bloomington;5 

Caroline O'Connor, Central Catholic;5

Evie Redell, University High;5

Elise Crockett, University High;5

Cassie Trosino, University High;4

Taryn Shanahan, Central Catholic;4

Ella Miller, Normal West;4

Shelby Herrera, Normal Community;4

Hailey Eddington, Bloomington;4

Melanie Bautista, Normal West;4

Alexis Ackerman, Normal Community;3

Carmen Cornejo, Normal Community;3

Julia Godsey, Central Catholic;3

Gaby Parra, Normal West;3

Lauren Cornejo, Normal Community;3


Caroline O'Connor, Central Catholic;25

Lauren Shanks, Central Catholic;21

Caelyn Steffens, Normal Community;16

Olivia Peters, Normal West;13

Megan Seger, Normal Community;10

Ryann Anderson, Normal Community;9

Jess Hieb, Normal West;9

Meredith Heller, University High;9

Rylee Billington, Normal West;7

Kaitlynn Delveaux, Normal Community;7 

Cassie Trosino, University High;7

Grace Blair, Normal Community;7

Katy Quinn, Normal Community;6

Maggie Peters, Normal Community;6

Audrey Marsaglia, Normal West;5

Madison Bergeron, Normal West;5

Paige Gardner, Bloomington;4

Shannon Tomlinson, Normal Community;4

Carmen Cornejo, Normal Community;4 

Shelby Herrera, Normal Community;4

Sarah Brady, Central Catholic;4

Sierra Godsey, Central Catholic;4

Katie Steinman, Central Catholic;4

Annastacia Hollins, Normal West;4

Lia Ward, Normal Community;3

Alexis Ackerman, Normal Community;3

Bronwen Boyd, Bloomington;3

Angela Leone, Normal Community;3

Sabrina Kosharek, Normal Community;3



Normal Community;18;4;2;.792

Normal West;16;5;3;.729

Central Catholic;13;8;1;.614

University High;10;9;1;.525


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