Kids and dogs

The American Humane Association and Illinois Department of Health offer these tips for interaction between kids and animals:

- Don’t treat a dog unkindly;

- Don’t bother a dog when she is busy with puppies, playing with toys, eating or sleeping;

- Don’t approach a dog you don’t know;

- Be calm and move slowly. Don’t run;

- If a loose dog approaches you, stand still, stay quiet and calm;

- If you are on the ground, curl into a ball and keep your hands over your head. Don’t look at the dog.

For adults

- Do not approach unfamiliar, stray or wild animals;

- Keep dogs leashed when they’re not inside a fence;

- Supervise children playing with pets;

- Enroll a new dog into an obedience class;

- If your dog is aggressive, talk to your veterinarian.

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