Ald. Scott Black went heavy on why Green Top was a 'Right Fit' and such a 'necessity'. The story ofTari and his liberal pals all summed up in one grocery store. LOL

Judge Hill should recuse herself immediately. She will not even be around for the conclusion of the trial ! Feel sorry for the 4 year old boy...the local legal system has FAILED him, from begining to end.

Bloomington could have so many nice things IF ONLY we did not have the monthly waste of Grossinger Arena and Connect Transit flushing all our tax dollars away.

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Here is a fact : Nikita Richards served her country in the United States Navy. Kathy Michael has never served her country. I'm voting Richards.

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Diana, do you work in the county clerks office ?

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Nikita will do very well in Bloomington/Normal. It will be the rural McLean County voters that will decide if Nikita gets the job. Will rural voters embrace a progressive/socialist black woman that owes it all to Tari Renner ? We will see in November !

It is called restorative justice. Normal rightfully should compensate financially Mr. Beaman. How much will it take to 'make this right'? A jury should decide.

R.C. is a perfect fit for Normal !

How about a Hobo ? to symbolize the financial and human condition that best reflects the people of illinois ?