Why no inspection scores posted ?
Could it be The Pantagraph was afraid of advertiser boycott ?

If not for an ignorant Mayor and a complicit local press, it would be David Hales standing before the judge !

Too many administrators and support staff are cheating the children out of a good education. Need more TEACHERS and modern facilities that promote learning. The front office is too jammed with over paid dead weight. School board members with no ties to our community and no children in the …

Have as many focus groups and listening sessions as you please. Bloomington is only going to get worse. Economic decline, a widening income inequality gap, decaying infrastructure and a liberal/leftist elite that govern from a bubble are all the ingredients needed to turn Bloomington in to…

looks like bused in protesters vs locals who want a job.

Wow. That is some editorial. Ironic, that, in fact, The Pantagraph continues to paint Mayor Tari Renner in the most positive manner possible, ignoring the wacky policies and even going so far as to non-report his shenanigans with the city credit card. If the political onion is rancid, then…

An apology is not good enough. Financial restitution must be made for the police man hours wasted on this hoax. Restitution must also be made to conservatives that were falsely maligned in this hoax by the media as well.

Tari-n-TheCouncil place a greater value on adding highly paid employees such as a communications manager ( Nora worked @Macy's) , a downtown development director ( Trish 'worked' for the failed DBA)..and on and on. The streets on the other hand, get nothing.

hiring another over paid and benefited VP is such a waste of taxpayer money. HCC needs more qualified instructors in the classroom and less frivolous leaches in the Admin dept.

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