CNN’s audience numbers have been tanking for months. After the release of the Mueller report their biased reporting was further exposed and their numbers fell an additional 30%. Pantagraph, If you are really concerned about your ability to compete and survive as a business, if you really …

Axiomatic commented on Medicare for All a good idea

All these Bernie supports need to start using facts instead of campaign talking points. Small business owners across the country are asking after the Democrats passed significant retirement legislation last month that allows small busine…

Again - 70% support Medicare for all BEFORE the details are revealed. You know little things like how will we pay for it, how will it affect our healthcare, those things. Then the support drops to 26%.

Axiomatic commented on Medicare for All deserves support

Its always more for the democrats broheem. The government must - take over the healthcare industry first, then provide a guaranteed income, or job if you want to work, take over the energy industry, provide free college education, a home, determine what we will drive, provide government a…

Axiomatic commented on Why was Trump elected president?

Catliberal, You probably never heard about Obamas laugh when Trump promised to bring the economy back to life . FYI - Obama said - What.... he has a magic wand or something? Hillary was quoted saying - businesses dont create job. Nancy was quoted saying - Welfare is good for the economy. …

Axiomatic commented on Why was Trump elected president?

Original - Trump supporters arent terrified and see very clearly that the democrat platform is pathetic. Happily looking forward to 5 more years of Trump keeping his campaign promises. Positive progress on common sense conservative policies. Making America Great again.

Axiomatic commented on Why was Trump elected president?

Chubby - I seriously suggest professional help. ASAP, but certainly before the November election. I’m sure it’s not fun living in terror.

Axiomatic commented on Why was Trump elected president?

Yepp- Unfortunately your facts are effectively censored from half of the country and 100 percent of pantagraph readers.

Axiomatic commented on Why was Trump elected president?

Why is Trump President? A very important question for democrats to contemplate. Trump was elected by people who - 1. Had enough of Politicians (democrat and republican) who promise the world and do nothing. 2. Had enough of Politicians who were more interested in getting elected than work…

Axiomatic commented on Freedom is healthcare for all

Nine Miles Count me in the 70% for free healthcare! Wait – From the AP in January 2019 “Support increased when people were told “Medicare-for-all†would guarantee health insurance as a right (71 percent) and eliminate premiums and reduce out-of-pocket costs (67 percent). But if the…

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