BigSwede commented on Heated, salt-water pool needed

I'm sure the Water Treatment facility would let you, and the 3 other people who really want this, to use their facilities for free until the town gets around to sinking more tax dollars into another bad idea.

Sorry, but eliminating coaches with questionable practices, supervision, behavior is probably the best way to show the school is looking out for the kids. Having several children go though this school and these sports programs, I am elated about the changes and wish the new coaches the bes…

You have no idea what you are talking about other than you have an ax to grind against Hud for some reason. As someone who knows, the right people are waking up to what has been going on for years. Nothing more, nothing less.

If they won't follow our Immigration Law, why on Earth would they follow any other American law?

If you purchase the building by the end of the month, you get 900 recently unemployed workers for free.

I guess I missed the announcement that we solved all of the problems here in the U.S. and now we are setting our sights to solving bullfighting problems in other countries.

Just by claiming "everyone is impacted" to support your sob story, doesn't make it so. I won't even give this a second thought.

It will be funny to see that more than half of these snowflakes will be in the same position on the floor this weekend from binge drinking...because, you know, drinking never killed anyone.

BigSwede commented on Council meetings painful to watch

Sorry Justin, but this goes on at the state level and the national level. Regardless of party, everything is politics and personal agendas. Don't know how we got like this, but it is disheartening. It doesn't really serve anyone.

Give it up Outoftowner...Libs like her push political ideology and not facts. Therefore you cannot possibly convenience them otherwise.

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