If you like your health care , you can keep you health care - my health care plan will lower a family costs by $2,800 a year. " You didn't build that" etc etc Lies by only the republicans chad ????

Darned Trump

Chad --ODDS are you how you put it, not me! You then do support abortions after 24-27 weeks in all cases -To call me cruel in speaking out for those unborn who can not is absurd. Again you fail to state unequivocally your position . Lots of rhetoric with no personal position.

Chad----interesting stats but as usual you take no position ---- -is this all an innocent child is to you -ODDS--- The medical community supports the standard you say? The why do late term abortions take place, performed by medical professionals. Should those medical "professionals" be th…

chad---late term abortions are generally considered to be around the 24th week or the end of 2nd trimester---fetal viability ---evolving standards has been your term in the past thus I admit to plagiarizing (like Joe Biden?). You failed to respond to my question -

chad---love the terms "most often" and "generally reserved"---it that sort of like "evolving standard" ---are you then agreeing that late term (?) abortion should only happen if a mother's life is in jeopardy?

To the first few comments - This has nothing to do with separation of church and state. If those who voted for the bill chose to go to another church, so be it. I am happy you have not received communion in 40 years and still plan to be in heaven. I too do hope you go to heaven. God does …

blmillini commented on Circumstances don't change decision

Scientifically, your scientific statement is pure hyperbole. Orwellian???[lol][lol]

blmillini commented on Pregnancy decision has two sides

Find your "story" totally false. This does not happen!

Am I correct that the proposed , if the amendment passed, tiered tax rates can be ,or most likely will be raised , at any time in the future? If so ,does anyone believe these rates will stay the same with tax and spend politicians in charge

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