A federal holiday to honor labor unions.

I think this woman’s memory is very selective; the ratio of female teachers raping male students is something like 10-1 vs the other way around over the last few years.

But that doesn’t fit into her convenient world view.

Nattering nabobs of negativism, if you agree with their reasoning, vote for it in two years. If you don’t, vote against it.

No one in the history of these comments has ever convinced anyone else to change their mind.

No, Bruce is against using government force to mandate wages.

It really doesn’t matter who wins. Not until King Madigan relinquishes his throne. Only then will we see if Illinois can pull out of its death spiral.

I wondered when we were going to hear about this.

When Republicans are in power, they protect gerrymandering. When Democrats are in power, they protect gerrymandering.

And we let them because we are lazy apathetic sheep.

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